Where can I find The QP?
We’re in the JDUC right on the corner of Union and University. From any entrance, walk up into the main ceilidh and we’re right across from Tricolour Outlet on the upper level. If all else fails, follow the smell of french fries until you hear the killer music and you’ll be home free.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept cash, debit, and all major credit cards. We DO NOT take meal plans/ meal equivalencies (sorry first years!)


Is tip included in the price?
Nope! Although it is customary to tip 15-20% in a restaurant in Canada, it is not expected. We hope that the service you receive is deserving of a tip. Because all of our staff are students, your tip will go a long way to helping them to pay tuition and living costs. But please, if you don’t feel that the service was outstanding, let the Manager-on-Duty know!


Do you take reservations?
Unfortunately, due to the high demand of table space and our laissez-faire attitude, it would be way too stressful to take reservations. But there’s always room at the bar, so why not come early and have a drink while waiting for a table?


Will you hire me?
If you’re like us and need a reason to justify the amount of time you spent at QP and The Underground, then we understand your desire to work at what is arguably the best place on campus! We do our hiring through the AMS, so that means we are an equal opportunity employer and we do one round of hiring one in the spring. Wanna know more? Ask any of our staff and be prepared to get a (long winded) speech about why they love working for TAPS! Trust us, it’s the best.


Can I set up a bar tab?
Yes! If you’re drinking at the bar or floating around between tables, then please do set up a bar tab. Just give your credit card to a bartender and they’ll take care of the rest! Whenever you order a drink, tell them your name and it’ll get put onto your tab. If you forget to settle up at the end of the night, your card will be charged the final amount and your card will be kept with the receipt until you pick it up!


I forgot my debit/credit card/ID at QP! Where can I find it?
Forgotten credit and debit cards are kept safely behind the bar – just hit up a staff member and they’ll help you reconnect with your long lost card. If you left your ID down at The Underground or with a Stu Con, then it’ll be down in the Stu Con office, located in the lower Ceilidh of the JDUC.