I lost my ID at The Underground last night. Help?
Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Chances are that you can find it in the StuCon Office in the lower level of the JDUC, down the hall beside the P&CC.


I lost my coat check ticket and had to leave my jacket behind last night. Where and when can I pick it up?
Though we strongly recommend taking a photo of your coatcheck ticket, don’t sweat it if you lost it. Unclaimed jackets at coatcheck will be taken up to the SLC. You can swing by the following morning.


Can I book out The Underground for a private party?
Absolutely! We’ve had some pretty outrageous parties here in the past and we would love to welcome you and 300 of your closest friends to celebrate your birthday/graduation/whatever in style. Email taps.marketing@ams.queensu.ca to get started!


Can I work for you?
If you’re like us and need a reason to justify the amount of time you spend at QP and The Underground, then we understand your desire to work at what is arguably the best place on campus! We do our hiring through the AMS, so that means we are an equal opportunity employer and we do one round of hiring in the spring. Wanna know more? Ask any of our staff and be prepared to get a whole speech about why they love working for TAPS! Trust us, it’s the best.


Are non-Queen’s students allowed to come to The Underground?
Anyone (of age) without a valid Queen’s Student Card will have to be signed in by a student with a student card. Every student with a Student Card is allowed one guest only and the guest is the responsibility of their host. Please be aware that if the guest causes damages to The Underground, gets escorted out, disrupts the atmosphere, or endangers our staff and/or patrons, etc., repercussions might fall back on their host.


Can I start a bar tab at The Underground?
No-can-do; we are a cash only bar. There is an ATM located in the lower floor of the JDUC.


I want to rock a sweet Underground Toque, how do I get one?
Though some will be given out at frosh events, the majority of our merchandise is given out to esteemed Undergrounders like yourself on our static nights. Contests at events and in line will be held throughout the year, so don’t sweat it if you don’t happen to see the merch truck during Frosh Week.